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Shalon Windeth

Shalon Windeth, Owner

Deidre Flood

Deidre Flood

Registered Nurses
Licensed Practical Nurses
Home Health Aides

Shalon's Caring Hands was born through the need for the Owner, Shalon Windeth to provide a responsive solution to her own family needs.  Once she understood that other families were having the same experience in locating responsible reliable in-home healthcare staff, Shalon decided to structure her business and begin vetting candidates for her care services team.  Since 2017, Shalon has retained a reliable staff of Home Health Aides, Legal Practical Nurses, and Registered Nurses allowing her to expand her business to service more clients that prefer a professional qualified service provider.  Shalon's Caring Hands looks forward to providing you and your family the assistance required for your loved one to age in place with the best quality care and services.



With more than 10 years caring experience working for health care facilities such as The Avenue of Lyndhurst and The Greens, Ms. Flood's compassion as assisted Shalon's Caring Hands in obtaining and retaining many clients over the years.  Her desire to provide above average care whether she is providing personal care, meal preparation, or mobility assistance, the quality of the level of care she provides is unsurpassable.  She is a great asset to our team for more than three years and you will appreciate her Caring Hands too!




Our combined staff has over 70 years experience in health care and understands the importance of quality in-home care.  Quality in-home care has to be much more attentive and proactive than hospital care if it is to best benefit the client.  Our staff has had the experiences of working in many different healthcare settings, so they are best suited to consult and assess your needs, while developing a care plan that has a holistic approach to your wellness, empowering our clients to gain a better quality of life.